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This particular day was one that I will look back on...

Eric Schmidt by Eric Schmidt on July 12, 2020

A fleeting moment happened the other day while driving pheasant with my big, little brother. I don't see him as much anymore... as time just gets away from us.

This particular day was one that I will look back on. We were an hour outside of the Gallatin Valley and had met up with a friend of mine who drove in from the Shields Valley with his Pudelpointer. Together, we chased a handful of roosters from the cattails. It turns out that God was on their side during that glorious afternoon, which amounted to us doing a fair amount of chasing and not too much retrieving. My brother blamed it on them cheap shells, but I knew different. I had him swinging my favorite over/under, a Remington Model 32 that I had named "Sweet Lips" when I was just a kid. Unfortunately for him, she was in one of those moods... it can happen.

That aside, it was one of my favorite days with him, further proof that it's not always about coming home with a limit in your vest.

He would certainly agree with me when I tell you that this shot was the best of the day.

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Eric SchmidtEric’s work is well known for being honest and inspirational.

The first half of his career was shaped in California before pulling up roots and planting new ones in Bozeman, Montana with his wife and their three children.

He is comfortable being at the helm of a large production and is not above collaborating on assignments that call for a more nimble approach either. His partnership with notable advertising agencies from around the country have earned recognition from Communication Arts and Graphis.

Client list includes assignments for AARP, Allstate, BASF, C.C. Filson, CSX, Cargill, Diners Club, Doubletree, Marvin Windows, Mississippi Tourism, Nikon, Sea Island Resort, World Wildlife Fund, plus numerous pharmaceuticals and wineries. Editorial clients include Aspen Magazine, Big Sky Journal, Entrepreneur, Outside, Rotary International, and Walmart.

When Eric is not traveling for work, he can be found in the fields, mountains and rivers that surround his home.

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