The Art of Athleticism
Seven Photographers Who Understand Beauty & Grace in Movement

Christopher Armstrong Posted by Christopher Armstrong on Nov. 20, 2016

Watching gifted athletes doing what they've trained to do is impressive to say the least, but have you ever stopped to look at the sheer beauty of the movement? Professional or amateur, the grace of their movement and environment can be an incredible artistic expression.

I've  gone through thousands of portraits, conceptual (composited) advertising images, and even live events to pull images from a handful of truly inspirational photographers that are creating images that capture the intensity of their subjects — beautifully showcasing their pain, grace, strength, and vanity of their chosen sport.

Luke Shadbolt, Sydney, Australia

Dewey Nicks, Los Angeles, California

Lorenz Holder, Münich, Germany

Dean Treml, Zürich, Switzerland

Patrick Rochon, Montreal, Quebec

Nadav Kander, London, United Kingdom

Martin Sigal, Buenos Aires, Argentina