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Cary Jobe by Cary Jobe on March 16, 2020

While the town of Boulder, Colorado was out panic shopping for toilet paper and other pantry items yesterday, I chose to get outside and get creative to clear my head of the chaos around me. (Believe me; I'm not bragging by any means... just felt much better to be doing what I love not to mention a bit of self preservation.)

Here are two images we made yesterday. There are many beauties in color but because I know we are in a strange place right now in the world I feel these timeless black and white photos resonate with the "mood du jour".

Keep creating, keep loving, and keep on living! It's the best way forward in my humble opinion!

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Cary JobeI love immersing myself in any project whether that be studio or location. I work hard to elevate the imagery through layers and lighting and enjoy working with all types of people, channeling creative energy into the production of stunning visuals... sometimes with a dream team of art directors, stylists, assistants and client on set, and sometimes just myself, my assistant, and my camera. I enjoy both approaches. My work encompasses portraiture, fashion, branding projects, commercial shoots for US and international companies, as well as months-long humanitarian NGO collaborations. I have shot throughout the U.S. as well in Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia, including a six-month project in Nepal and India documenting young girls rescued from the brothels of India.

My personal aesthetic tends toward soulful, fresh and layered but with my wide-ranging experience working for many years as a magazine staff photographer and photo editor, I take a pragmatic, albeit creative approach to any project that prioritizes my client’s desired results and budget.

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