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In-Camera Magic and the Single Image
The lens choice, lighting style, moment, talent, place, composition...

Andy Batt by Andy Batt on Oct. 23, 2020

There’s a magic when you get something in-camera. When in a single image, you’ve balanced the craft with aesthetics. The lens choice, lighting style, moment, talent, place, composition—all come together in one exposure. This process makes me happy in a significant way. It’s a culmination of technique and experience, combined with spontaneity.

There’s planning involved—but if I’m doing it right, it’s not prescriptive or restrictive—it’s supportive. It creates an environment that encourages the creation of a successful in-camera image.

Contact sheet of shootin in-camera magic with Nike running athlete David Kojo Aidoo.

I start each project with a faith in my process and keep an open mind about the difference between where I begin and where I’ll end up.

It’s not always easy to shake off my preconceived ideas and expectations of a shoot. There’s a balance that I need to find between the concepts and techniques I’m bringing to the project, and the need to be open and present to the interesting unplanned.

There’s discovery at work in this—working by feel and instinct, using the tools I’ve been given. Practicing being present in my art and not worrying about the plans or the final images. Seeing what happens when I make a subtle shift or take a creative risk. Failing, but failing upwards. My successful photographs are the fruit of the risks I’ve taken, my openness to spontaneous ideas, and the creative foundations I’ve laid.

P.S. Want to see more in-camera magic? I used this same technique working with modern dancers here!

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Andy BattMy approach to photography is built out of a strong commitment to creating an intersection of image and story. I work with athletes, actors, performers and real people, capturing dramatic action, heroic portraits and humorous comedy moments. I am best known for my sports photography and my expert ability to create beautifully lit, high-intensity action shots that capture moments of peak performance. I like collaborating to tell moving stories that are greater than the sum of its parts. I have too many personal projects sketched out in my Moleskine. That's a good problem to have.

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