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Honoring Local Farmers
Pearl Farmers Market, San Antonio

Jody Horton by Jody Horton on April 29, 2020

I'm trying to focus on silver linings; long walks, elaborate meals at home, more time with family. I'm grateful too for time to focus on a few long-term projects — like this one with the Pearl Farmers Market, San Antonio.

Perhaps, more than ever, we are aware of our food, so it's timely to honor some of the the people who bring it to us. Below is a glimpse of a few Pearl Farmers Market member farms. We look forward to the ongoing collaboration.

1-2: Fruitful Hill Farms, Bastrop, TX.
3-4: Hat & Heart Farm, Fredericksberg, TX.
5: Parker Creek Ranch, D'Hanis, TX.

To support the community, The Pearl is purchasing produce from local farmers and donating it to food banks.

Read more about their efforts here.

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Jody HortonI’m a food and lifestyle photographer based in Austin, TX. Before I refocused on photography -around 2009 - I worked as a writer and editor and as a one-man documentary film production company. Before that I worked in Costa Rica for a few years as an adventure travel photographer. And before that I grew up in coastal South Carolina in a large loving family, studied English literature at Clemson University and earned a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology at the University of New Mexico.

I think all of the experiences you have in life give shape to the way you see things and, for photographers at least, how you make images. I love the experience of learning and exploring through photography. To me its a total cheat in life - like picking a non-major major. Its also a passport to go anywhere, observe anything that you would like to know more about or see up close. My wife Regan says I feel happiest when I’m getting away with something, and she is right. That’s one of the things I love about photography. A lot of my favorite projects include elements of process, storytelling and culture.

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