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A Little Note on Rest
And what that means to me today.

Abigail Bobo by Abigail Bobo on Nov. 16, 2020

I'm not talented at resting. I'm far better at writing a list of ways I will rest, making plans about how I will rest, or telling people my intentions surrounding rest than I am in shutting off my phone. I listen to the siren song of never ending productivity all too often.

But in my rarer moments, I convince my brain to stop looking for squirrels, or coming up with lists, or living in a different time zone and to simply be present. Those moments are usually when I am holding a camera.

These days, I find that rest is about seeing. Seeing the person in front of me, and feeling the moment I am in. And finding ways to love God, to love people, and to love myself unconditionally, honestly and without fear.

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More About Abigail Bobo

Abigail BoboAbigail is a commercial advertising photographer specializing in heart-felt moments. While she works in marketing, her work could easily be mistaken for gallery work, as she holds a BA in photography. Her commercial client image sets look more like curated exhibits.

With a belief in the power of human connection through images, her work has taken her all over the world for 8 years. She believes in the power of photographs to effect social change and leave the world a better, more connected place.

She shoots honest and tender moments with a relaxed style that tells a real story about her clients. Some creative professionals call that lifestyle photography, but she moves in a category better called brand storytelling. Her most common feedback is, “You just understand our company intuitively."

Her flexibility and teamwork allows her to work with everybody, whether they are advertising agencies or in-house marketing groups.

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