PhotoPolitic has created an invitation only professional casting tool designed to work fast, get you noticed, and connect advertising & editorial creatives, casting directors, photographers and directors directly to your agent (or directly to you if you don't have an agent). Industry professionals can quickly find all of the talent that match their requirements by using a beautiful interface to save and share profiles. Clients are immediately viewing your complete professional profile including your PhotoPolitic images, personality video, CV / résumé, specifications, all agency contacts, additional images showing different looks you have and your complete portfolio of past work in both still and video formats.

PhotoPolitic has everything industry professionals need to find, select, and share great talent ONLINE with confidence. PhotoPolitic showcases talent in markets around the world (both large and small).      

Designed by and for Industry Professionals that Book Great Talent

Your Portfolio + Casting Images & Video + Online for Every Client

Chloé Groussard


Pingo Magduschewski


Ananditaa Singh


Ingrid Werner


Chloe Richards


David Aidoo


Karla Avila

Los Angeles

Rudy Harding


Xavier Fiems


What's Included When You Join PhotoPolitic?

Your talent portfolio & showreel (up to 30 images and videos) and/

All specifications, CV or résumé and agent contact information

Clients contact agents directly with no charges or commission

A set of updated high resolution casting images (Add On)

Additional casting images showcasing your unique different looks (Add On)

A video casting (Add On)

Images can also be used for additional promotion and printing

Member Benefits

Access to Top Photographers

PhotoPolitic works with A-List Photographers from around the world that will put you at ease guaranteeing you great results. Your first casting session with us could even lead directly to a booking.

Agent Access

A professional profile on PhotoPolitic will get you noticed. For unrepresented talent, your profile will be presented to top industry talent agents who are looking to discover new talent and take their careers to new highs.

Discounts on Events & Services

We've partnered with both industry leading vendors and suppliers and are offering an ever growing list of discounts on services, software, industry events, and even practical items like headshots and CVs / résumés.

Member Only Discussion Group

Our private member discussion group is a space to both converse and learn from your colleagues. It's a place to share ideas, exchange opinions, and even possibly begin collaborations to create exceptional work.

Email Marketing

With our own high quality homegrown list of industry contacts, we send a variety of campaigns focused on you individually, your categories, and PhotoPolitic as a whole. Needless to say, you will get seen.

Global Reach

Whether you're living in New York and moving to Los Angeles or your living in London and moving to Paris, your profile will move with you. You'll be able to instantly get noticed in nearly any market you choose.

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