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Vertical Outlandishness

While I don’t consider myself to be an architectural photographer by any stretch of the imagination, I am drawn to compelling design regardless of function. As a result I am occasionally asked to photograph architecture. Most recently, as part of an extensive campaign for Strawberry Frog, New York, I had the opportunity to shoot Capital Gate and Ethiad Towers in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

In a city known for its vertical outlandishness and neck-craning beauty, there may not be a skyscraper more outlandish than Capital Gate (pictured above). Known as the Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi, it was constructed INTENTIONALLY to incline eighteen degrees - versus the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which only tilts five-and-a-half degrees as the result of UNINTENTIONALLY poor foundation. Guinness World Records certified Capital Gate as the world's “farthest manmade leaning building.” Crazy.

While in Abu Dhabi, I also was commissioned to photograph the Etihad Towers above. A complex of buildings with five towers, it probably is most recognizable to Americans as the filming location of the Fast and Furious 7 movie in which Vin Diesel’s character steals a Lykan HyperSport and drives it through three of its towers. Nuts.

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Christopher WilsonAfter 15 years in the advertising world as a writer and art director, Christopher jumped off a cliff to start Christopher Wilson Photography. As an advertising creative, Christopher created a vast portfolio of powerful campaigns for some of the most recognized luxury brands there are, including Audi, Infiniti, Jaguar, Nikon and Ritz-Carlton to mention only a few. Now Christopher is bringing all that experience and passion to his photography - and it shows. Christopher leapt from agency creative to global photographer, landing projects with the most sought-after brands on the planet, and in just about every country there is on the planet.

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