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Life is not always about happiness, success and joy

Al Lapkovsky by Al Lapkovsky on March 28, 2020

Do you ever cry? If yes, are you brave enough to tell me and everybody else why you do it? Is it easy to admit that life is not always about happiness, success and joy?

The main goal of this project is not bringing more negativity into our lives, but to remind us of importance of a healthy emotional balance. Social media is great in terms of staying connected with friends and families, finding new contacts, exploring new ideas and sharing your life with humanity. But for some reason in most cases we tend to share only most beautiful moments of our lives, highlights so to speak, leaving behind everything else. And if something bad happens, we disappear for a while from our social timeline keeping all that emotional trauma to ourselves or sharing the burden with only our close ones, that is if we are lucky to have them.

That’s pretty logical and understandable. Traditional family picture albums also keep only the best photographs. But the difference is that these family albums are kept privately, in a chest of drawers, and are shown only once in a while to a family and friends. Whereas social media is public and everyone has got access to 'your life'. I might be mistaken, but it looks like by posting only the good stuff we are creating a huge bubble of lies and misunderstanding and missing out on an emotional support and help from the society if we need one. 'I'm great. I'm successful’, – this is what we keep saying. And if we don't feel that way right now – we say nothing. But we keep looking at the 'lives of others' and start to feel as though we are left out. And the longer we have nothing to share due to our ‘unexcited’ life, the more depressed and lonely we feel while watching our social media friends enjoying holidays on faraway islands, traveling around the globe, eating at fancy places, and throwing wild parties. We might even understand and realise that everybody can have down times occasionally and holidays do happen once or twice a year in most cases, but it’s still undeniably difficult not to react in a negative self-destroying way scrolling through a perfect imaginary world with the help of that blue screen in your palm.

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