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The Voices of Women
Authenticity, Vulnerability and Courage

Bob Stevens by Bob Stevens on April 16, 2019

An agent friend contacted me about a pitch. There were few details other than that the fact that the client was looking for portraits of women 55 and older wearing no makeup. It sounded intriguing and because I had no samples that matched the brief, I created a portrait session. I asked each subject to pose with a semi-nude torso and draped with fabric in the style of classic art and sculpture. I used one light and a fill card, with a mottled canvas backdrop as an homage to one of my idols, Irving Penn.

In private conversations prior to their sitting, I asked each woman to be vulnerable when I photographed them and we talked about what that meant. As they shared their thoughts and feelings, I was inspired to follow the still shoot with a series of video interviews to capture the nuance I was so moved by.

On camera, I asked each subject the same questions and then encouraged them to elaborate from there. This format allowed me to edit the piece with the end in mind of representing the voices of ‘Women’. The authenticity, vulnerability and courage of these ladies is inspirational.

The Portraits

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Bob StevensBob is a visual storyteller, a photographer and a director. He believes in the ratio of two ears to one mouth, and feels they should be used in that proportion. Bob is a listener, passionate collaborator and team player, gathering the best possible crew and contributors. He tailors his process to the specific assignment presented, and is fastidious in his approach to pre-production. Bob has shot in the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, South America and Mexico, and has been honored with many awards here and abroad. His clients have included Mercedes Benz, Acura, BMW, Intel, Frito Lay, Allstate Insurance, Wells Fargo and the US Navy to name a few. Bob is also skillful when operating within the current paradigm of creating content for digital, social media and 360 campaigns including video. Bob’s attitude about what he loves to do, is best summed up in his own words: “Let’s create something great together!”.

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