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The Top Ten of 2020
A year of extraordinary challenges and even more extraordinary creativity.

2020 has thankfully come to an end and we're now into the second week of the new year. While 2021 is off to a chaotic (or should I say absolutely unhinged) start, I am hopeful that we will turn around for the better sooner rather than later . I've always been a big fan of statistics and analytics in terms of our reach in the creative community and it gives me great pleasure in showcasing the photographers and the work that stood out last year — a year that was beyond challenging for EVERYONE and despite the challenges, there was some truly great creative work produced.

Have a look below at the Top 10 Photographers as well as the Top 10 Member Stories from 2020. Every person here as well as the work they have created are deserving of huge accolades for what they've done in the face of adversity .


The Top 10 Photographers of 2020


The Top 10 Member Stories

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Christopher ArmstrongChris Armstrong started as a photographer and worked his way through film, television, advertising, and back to photography (as an agent), Chris has worked with legendary filmmakers (most notably Robert Altman); nearly all of the major production companies in L.A.; and ad agencies (including Deutsch, Publicis, and Wunderman). This experience has given Chris a well rounded (if not dysfunctional) view of the creative world which he’s more than happy to share with you.

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