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The Most Photogenic Man in the World
Portraits of David Lynch by Sandro Miller

OK, that title might be a little much on hyperbole. However, in terms of celebrities, I really can't think of anyone other than David Lynch that I have seen as many amazing images of and from such an incredibly diverse and talented group of photographers.

I don't think I've ever seen an image of Lynch where his personality doesn't come glaring out at the viewer. With a combination of maturity, weathering, and an amazing head of hair — visually, he is the perfect subject.

While I can think of at least a dozen photographers that I know personally who have photographed Lynch — the one that comes to mind immediately is Sandro Miller. Here are just a few images from Sandro that showcase exactly what I'm talking about.

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What's even more fun than David Lynch as a subject?

How about John Malkovich posing as iconic David Lynch characters? At a recent exhibition in New York, Sandro presented a series of large-scale images showing actor John Malkovich posing as David Lynch as well as iconic David Lynch characters. The exhibition is titled Psychogenic Fugue.


Here's more on the project from Sandro himself:

"The great director David Lynch asked me to collaborate on this project to help raise awareness and funds for his Transcendental Meditation Foundation that helps impoverish kids living in dangerous neighborhoods and soldiers returning from war with PTSD. I re-created 8 of David’s most famous film characters including a re-creation of David himself in both a short film and these stills. Again returning to my friend and muse John Malkovich at David Lynch’s request I was able to re-create these chilling and memorable characters. Hauntingly identical, Lynch fans fell in love with the project and donated millions of dollars to help out the foundation. Squarespace got behind the project with funding and help the project go viral which helped millions to view the project worldwide. Interesting piece to the project is that David had asked John years ago to audition for the Frank Booth character in Blue Velvet but John’s schedule just didn’t work out. Dennis Hopper became Frank Booth but John gives a splitting image of excellence in both the short film and still’s for this project. The stills went up for auction and were sold with 100% of the monies going to the foundation."

Consider Making a Donation to the David Lynch Foundation

More About Sandro Miller

Sandro MillerAs a young teen, Sandro embraced the idea of making photographic portraits after seeing the portrait imagery of Irving Penn. He began photographing in Chicago at the age of sixteen and has since devoted his thirty-plus-years career to creating expressive images from his elegant Ukranian Village studio. With numerous award-winning commercial campaigns to his credit, Sandro is one of today's most respected commercial and fine art photographers. He has photographed many national advertising campaigns for a long alphabetical list of clients including: Adidas, Allstate Insurance, American Express, Anheuser-Busch, BMW, Champion, Coca-Cola, Dove, Gatorade, Honda, Milk, Microsoft, Miller/Coors, Motorola, Nike, Nikon, Pepsi, Pony, UPS and the US Army.

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