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The Lost Art of Sketching

Vijey Mohan by Vijey Mohan on April 6, 2019

There is nothing like a blank canvas which inspires artists to create something out of nothing. Sketching has been around for thousands of years and it’s been one of the oldest art forms known to mankind.

It’s truly motivating to see artists who still continue to use pen and paper to get their ideas out in the world. From what I've seen, I'm somewhat of rarity among professional photographers who still continue to dedicate a large amount of time for sketching out ideas to shoot. Sketching can be time consuming and sometimes it might feel like you are heading nowhere, but the way I see it, my sketchbook is my dictionary for test shoots and if a concept I sketched today doesn’t feel right, I can always go back to it a few weeks later and approach it with a fresh mindset. I always keep flipping through old sketches which I did a few years back and see how I can make it better today.

Drawing inspiration from everyday inanimate objects and emotion, I continue to search and sketch concepts for the next fun and interesting idea to shoot.

Some Recent Examples of My Sketches

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Vijey Mohan“Won’t it be cool to photograph a bottle of moonshine for my school homework and drink it later?” That’s the thought which triggered my love for photographing products and drinks. Currently I live and work from Los Angeles. Every shoot I work on starts from a sketch, sometimes multiple sketches. Pen and paper is the first step. Then I take the idea to the studio to finally shoot. To make it look pretty, I try to move lights around and point them at the product, that helps a little.

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