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The Kings of Curdistan
Living in Wisconsin, it’s hard to escape cheese

I’ve seen rivers of string cheese, smelled mold that stays with you for days, and tasted some of the finest cultures in the world. Living in Wisconsin, it’s hard to escape cheese. But a year-long project with the dairy industry gave me closeup view of a business that it turns out, I didn’t know much about. The craftsmanship, the care, the science, the art, the history handed down through the generations.

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Adam Ryan MorrisI'm more than a photographer and director. I'm a problem solver. An ideator. I've never met a creative challenge I didn't like. I'm curious about places, things and ― most of all ― people. I find them fascinating. Their interests, their passions, their dreams. I'm a storyteller. Which I always have been. From working with newspapers and magazines to corporations and creative agencies ― using my ideas to make their ideas come to life. Whether working with real people or hired talent, I create well-crafted visual solutions that conjure questions, rattle hearts, evoke laughter, and sometimes even prompt tears. My experiences have taught me to work under tight deadlines, to stay cool under pressure, to focus on the tiniest of details with an eye on the bigger picture, and to collaborate well with others.

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