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The Hair Taker
Ask him about the one where he cuts off the guy’s ear.

Craig Foltos has a million stories — ask him about the one where he cuts off the guy’s ear.

I met Craig while working with Portland-based ad agency Manifesto on a campaign for the Professional Beauty Association. Chatty, opinionated, jocular — Craig, wasn’t always your quintessential barber. Craig worked in construction, that is until his dad’s barber shop was on the verge of closing forever.

Despite never wanting to be a barber, Craig quit his job, grabbed a pair of scissors and became, shall we say, a hair taker.

We walked away with a mini documentary and a series of stills of this screwball.

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Adam Ryan MorrisI'm more than a photographer and director. I'm a problem solver. An ideator. I've never met a creative challenge I didn't like. I'm curious about places, things and ― most of all ― people. I find them fascinating. Their interests, their passions, their dreams. I'm a storyteller. Which I always have been. From working with newspapers and magazines to corporations and creative agencies ― using my ideas to make their ideas come to life. Whether working with real people or hired talent, I create well-crafted visual solutions that conjure questions, rattle hearts, evoke laughter, and sometimes even prompt tears. My experiences have taught me to work under tight deadlines, to stay cool under pressure, to focus on the tiniest of details with an eye on the bigger picture, and to collaborate well with others.

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