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Socially Distant Photography

Bruce DeBoer by Bruce DeBoer on May 19, 2020

A certain pressure lifted when everything shut down; forced vacation, nothing I can do — freedom. That is, until we started adding up reserves, but let’s ignore that for now.

Social distance is death to a lifestyle photographer, highly limiting for a portrait photographer, but somewhat routine for a still life or product shooter. We can forget video production, that’s done for now. We’re all trying to do the socially responsible thing so where does that leave us creative folks?

I began as a studio shooter in college because I couldn’t afford a car in college back in ’76. I was also shy post high school so creating still life concepts felt safe. Though my journey has lead me to people photography as it has for so many, my young influences started with Phil Marco and grew from there.

Well, If you’re into country music, Winston Churchill gave you a great lyric: If you’re going through hell, keep going.

Let’s keep going.

These photos are a return to the studio for me; shooting stuff we have lying around or that was easily gotten without spending much money. aka — very low production value. That’s the canvas. #AnythingIsArt

It’s just me in a very small studio; basically ⅓ of a 600 sq. ft. office where I store my gear, meet clients and edit; More or less my man cave during our Covid break.

I started with no intention of using these images for anything but entertaining friends and family; Facebook and Instagram posts, etc. It looks more and more like they could be a new series of work that may help convince clients I can shoot product concepts in isolation, or not, who knows. We’ll just keep going and see where it takes us.

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Bruce DeBoerBruce's name has appeared on many national and regional Addy Awards, One Show Awards, a NY Festivals Gold, B&W Spider Awards, and as a National Kelly Award Finalist. He's been published numerous times in Communication Arts, Graphis Design and Photo Annuals, Print Regional Design Annuals, AIGA Design Annuals, Creativity, Ad Age, Ad week and featured in Graphis Magazine issue 312 and Lurzer's Archive as one of their 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide for the last 6 years running.

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