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Steve Korn Posted by Steve Korn on March 21, 2020

The world is full of shapes, colors, textures…large and small. Some, like an antibody, naked to the human eye although monumentally important, cross the divide between organic and synthetic structures.

This project metaphorically touches on this relationship. The organic, flowing lines of the human form, the fractal turbulence of hair gently counter the rigidity of the geometric projections. At points, the variance in canvas that is the human form, distorts the perfect lines and the opposing aesthetics meet, becoming something new. The bright colored invader, triggering a change for the better in the body. In time, they are perfectly integrated, working in concert.

Model: Chloe M. Albin

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Steve KornI feel fortunate spending my days creating things, seeing ideas realized and collaborating with interesting people. In the most fundamental way, I love to experiment with line and color. In a broader sense I like to explore how we express culture, what makes us different and alike. I think there is something interesting about people who practice a discipline. The internal drive that gets them out of bed everyday to face what seems like a constant uphill journey, challengeing themselves to reach their next level. It amazes me to see people achieve things they did not think possible, or better yet things no one else thought were possible.

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