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Seven Photographers Who Put the “Life” Into Lifestyle

After working as a creative for over a decade in an agency environment, I’ve seen just about every bad lifestyle image one could imagine. I’m talking about images that are not just clichés, not just overused royalty-free stock, but images that can zap the life out of an image as opposed to giving it credibility and relating to viewers in a meaningful way.

Needless to say, when I come across a lifestyle photographer that can make me believe that the product they’re selling is something special (which it very rarely is), I’m impressed. These photographers put in an extraordinary effort in all phases of production including casting beyond the stereotypes (think of the proverbial girl sitting on the beach with a laptop computer or the group of hipster friends jumping for joy), staying away from tired locations, and making the light a priority. Some rely on natural light, others create the light — either way, the results are spectacular.

Great lifestyle photography needs to be celebrated and these seven photographers are just the beginning of many more exceptionally talented folks that we’ll be sharing with you.

Oliver Regueiro - Seattle, Washington

©2016 Oliver Regueiro

Joyce Kim - Los Angeles, California

©2016 Joyce Kim

Tim Tadder - San Diego, California

©2016 Tim Tadder

Chris McPherson - Los Angeles, California

©2016 Chris McPherson

Paul Aresu - New York, New York

©2016 Paul Aresu

Alex Farnum - San Francisco, California

©2016 Alex Farnum

Harold Lee Miller - Chicago, Illinois

©2016 Harold Lee Miller