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Queen for a Day
My first foray into CGI with Filtre Studio

Andy Goodwin by Andy Goodwin on April 14, 2019

The Queen series came about from a conversation I had with Robert Frolich of Filtre Studio about collaborating on a combo Photography / CGI project. I threw out the idea of photographing famous people doing mundane or ordinary tasks and suggested the queen making a midnight snack. From there the ideas started flowing, including Robert’s idea of the Queen straightening the picture above the fireplace. We’ve worked on a lot of composite campaigns together but this was the first time that I ever ventured into the world of CGI and it kind of blew my mind. It was fascinating to see how the whole room could be effected by a warm toned rug being added or that when the camera was moved sightly, the reflection in the mirrors changed!

We have a couple of other famous people that we have ideas for but it’s a huge commitment of time both in producing the shots, photographing them and then especially in creating the CGI.

It’s a lot of fun though and this campaign has already won awards with Lurzer’s Archive , Communication Arts and Creative Quarterly.

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