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Print is (Not) Dead
Doug Menuez and the Anatomy of the Printed Portfolio

We've all heard the term "Print is Dead". It can refer to many different things — among those things, print ads in publications (far from being dead but far less of a a focus in the ad world that it once was) or printed portfolios for photographers.

While I don't know many photographers who still send printed books to agencies, they can still be a great tool to get noticed. Pulling out a beautifully printed book at an in-person meeting is a great way to get attention as it can showcase the craftsmanship of what you do far more effectively than a digital device ever could.

There are still a handful of photographers putting together printed books that are truly works of art and sending them out to agencies. A great example of this would be the latest book created by PhotoPolitic member Doug Menuez.

Doug Menuez is represented by Heather Elder

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Christopher ArmstrongChris Armstrong started as a photographer and worked his way through film, television, advertising, and back to photography (as an agent), Chris has worked with legendary filmmakers (most notably Robert Altman); nearly all of the major production companies in L.A.; and ad agencies (including Deutsch, Publicis, and Wunderman). This experience has given Chris a well rounded (if not dysfunctional) view of the creative world which he’s more than happy to share with you.

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