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Personal Project Showcase: Edible Truths
A Thought Provoking Conceptual Campaign by Weston Fuller

Personal Project Showcase:
Edible Truths by Weston Fuller

Weston Fuller has created a thought provoking conceptual series of images titled "Edible Truths". This was Weston's take on questioning the relationship between society and the products we all consume. Weston's images take on a life of their own with surreal situations that put a spotlight on what (and who) we're sharing the environment with and how much of it goes into our bodies.

The Artist's Statement

With the American consumer eating nearly one ton of food every year, the question must be asked; what exactly are we eating? Eighteen common foods found in todays western culture have been identified and examined to help create an awareness for today’s generation as to what we are actually consuming.

By pursuing easier, cheaper, and faster ways of creating and obtaining food, consumers don’t know the truth about their food and have grown accustomed to the quality and ingredients that have found their way into our everyday life. We are who we are because of what we eat, so shouldn’t we know what we are eating? By identifying the origin of the foods and ingredients, the images of Edible Truths have been created so visual truths can educate through the medium of photography; showing and not just telling to create an emotional relationship with what we eat and drink. Each image is a constructed photographic montage, which juxtapose settings of reality of where certain foods are consumed and have humorously applied the origin to illustrate the fact.

Bon Appétit!

About the Personal Project Showcase

Personal projects have always been one of the first things I look at when evaluating a photographer. Personal work tells me a lot about their approach to solving creative challenges as well as a glimpse into their own creative vision. Sadly, this is something that too many clients lose sight of as they're under pressure to find a photographer who's shot exactly the same product and/or campaign as the one they're proposing. This is a limiting approach to say the least and it's never going to produce the best photographer for the job. It's my hope that with this series of posts, we can get the agencies/clients back on board with realizing why they've hired a photographer in the first place — to collaborate, to create a unique vision for any given project, and to bring this collaborative vision to life.


- Edible Truths -


Sweeter and cheaper than sugar. 48% of Americans consume between 7 and 14 HFCS-filled drinks each week.


Takes 40 to 60 gallons of tree sap to create one gallon of syrup.


An amino acid known as the ingredient which gives you wings, was originally isolated from bull bile in 1827.

“Red 40”

RED 40 is a chemically produced synthetic ingredient found in snack food and candy.


Most important grain produced for human consumption with over 40,000 varieties and grows on every continent except Antarctica.


Created around 1550 by Native Americans to preserve meat for ease of transportation on journeys. Modern flavors consist of turkey, elk, bison, venison, caribou, kangaroo and moose.


A natural protein in wheat, rye and barley, contributing to approximately 300 potential dietary intolerance symptoms in 18 million Americans. More foods are made with wheat than any other cereal grain.


38 ingredients go into making a chicken nugget, most of which are corn and fat.

“Hot Chocolate”

The entire worlds chocolate is produced from the slimy and bitter seeds of the Cocoa pod, all grown from regions found within 20 degrees of the equator.


Majority of bottled water is treated tap water.


Animal Shortening (beef fat) is one of 37 ingredients found within a twinkie.


Calves who have been raised in confines of individual stalls, are nine months
or younger and weigh no more than 750 lbs.


Also known as confectioner glaze is produced by the lac beetle to give candy shells and paint its glossy shine.

“Pink Slime”

Ammonia, fat and processed beef trimmings create pink slime, which is added
into 70% of American ground beef products.


The average American consumes about one pound of mutton to 85 pounds of beef per year.


Considered to be unclean and toxic meat for the scavenger nature of pigs, which eat anything and whose digestive system passes bacteria into the muscle of the swine.


Artificial and synthetic ingredients help to give juice it's "natural" sweetness.

More About Weston Fuller

Weston FullerWeston Fuller is an award-winning photographer based in California, where he resides with his family. His Master of Fine Art (MFA) in photography from the Academy of Art University, helped him to understand photography is more about creating a photograph than taking an image. Moments can be captured, but stories are made; which help to define the people, places and things in Weston's' photographs. From conceptual images using CGI to lifestyle moments caught in camera.

Photography allows an image to be captured and created that is real and yet fictitious. Weston prefers his photography to live somewhere in between.

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