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Stories of persistence, dedication, adaptation, and creativity

Tracy + David by Tracy + David on June 29, 2020

When COVID-19 hit, we were inspired to continue to create imagery and tell stories in our community. As former news photojournalists, we felt it was important to go back to our roots and show how people were adapting, creating, and living in a profoundly changed world. As former athletes — Tracy a competitive swimmer and David a soccer player — we couldn’t imagine how our former athlete-selves would have coped with losing out on months of training, and wanted to share athlete stories of persistence, dedication, adaptation, and creativity.

We produced and shot everything as a two-person team, finding real people talent with interesting stories and telling their stories in stills, audio, and motion. We loved the stories of perseverance that we discovered, and that so many athletes were focusing on the positive and trying to make a challenging situation work for them. It was also amazing how the project grew exponentially once we started photographing, and how so many people were open to connecting us with other people they knew. Everything was shot in Southern California, following safety and social distancing guidelines.

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Tracy + DavidAs former photojournalists, we’re passionate about telling stories and creating emotionally authentic images. Our work as photojournalists was a great bootcamp, where we problem-solved all day, every day, often creating many images on a tight deadline. From this, we learned to be extremely flexible, adaptable, and resourceful, and became very adept at creating extensive libraries of images. We also learned how to work with people and quickly build rapport, and are very comfortable casting and directing people from all walks of life – real people, actors, and models. We love to travel and thrive working on a broad range of projects anywhere in the world.

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