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New Zealand Rising

We've been signing more photographers from New Zealand and I have to say that I am really impressed with the talent coming out of what is really a tiny market. The great thing that I'm finding is that while they will all of course work in New Zealand, they also are very keen to work abroad and some of them will also work as a local (check with each photographer on their specific travel policy). Have a look at who we have brought on board so far — I think you'll agree with me on how fantastic their work is.

Recent Additions from New Zealand to the PhotoPolitic Roster

- More photographers from New Zealand coming soon -

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Christopher ArmstrongChris Armstrong started as a photographer and worked his way through film, television, advertising, and back to photography (as an agent), Chris has worked with legendary filmmakers (most notably Robert Altman); nearly all of the major production companies in L.A.; and ad agencies (including Deutsch, Publicis, and Wunderman). This experience has given Chris a well rounded (if not dysfunctional) view of the creative world which he’s more than happy to share with you.

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