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Modern Gypsies

Kevin Steele by Kevin Steele on Oct. 13, 2020

In a time of limited travel, my thoughts return to a series I shot in Ecuador. Stills and motion for a web series of videos following the epic adventures of a fun loving trio of travelers helping others. After taking first place in ABC’s reality adventure show “Expedition Impossible” the three utilized their base of social media fans to vote on a humanitarian project. They voted for Ecuador: to restore clean water to a remote village in the High Andes. Just as important was to have fun and adventure along the way…climbing a 19,000 foot volcano, exploring the upper amazon basin. The goal: get out of your comfort zone and do some good in the world.

Finding a shaman to bless them before they climbed the 19,347 foot volcano Cotopaxi.

Ecuador. The Modern Gypsies trio: Erich Bach, Taylor Filasky, John Leo Post. They had won ABC’s “Expedition Impossible” race across Morocco and with their newfound influence decided to combine fun, adventure and good deeds.

Fans voted via social media on the destination and the project: first up was Ecuador. Their commitment: to restore water to a village of 450 in the Andes via 2km of communal trench digging and pipe laying.

The village go Gulahuayco at 11,000’ elevation in the Andes.

They haven’t had clean water for years. The government had destroyed their pipes when a new road was built nearby.

But before the good deeds there was fun and adventure. On horseback below the stratovolcano Cotopaxi.

They had never worn crampons or held an ice axe before (portrait of a shaman’s husband).

On the morning of January 24th they watched the sunrise from the summit of Cotopaxi.

With a joyful summit filling their souls it was time to accomplish their most important goal.

The village of Gulahuayco

And side by side with the village they dug the trenches.

And laid 3 kilometers of pipe.

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