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Mask + Mascara = MASKARA
The hottest power couple since peanut butter and chocolate.

Michael Winokur by Michael Winokur on Dec. 29, 2020

Lipstick sales are down, mascara and eyeshadow are flying off the shelves. Why? Because if they can't see your lips, your eyes can do the talking.

When San Francisco’s shelter-in-place order started in March 2020, it was the end of shooting in our studio. Once we could, we moved out to the street, first making Six Feet, One Question and now Maskara. To make a beauty shoot work safely, we gave the whole studio to make up artist Lisa Teller so she could work masked with a one model at a time. We stayed close, shooting within two blocks. The style changed. The control of the studio was replaced with the hazard and serendipity of the street. We had fun.

Talent: Grace, Claire, Michelle, Jules, Jillian, Alex, Genevieve, Reya and Brianna.

Big thanks to Jillian Liebler who cast and scheduled the shoot with the help of Scout Models San Francisco, and to Lisa Teller for the unforgettable eyes.

Produced, directed and edited by Michael & Iana at Union Movie Works with beauty by Lisa Teller, music from Micky & Sylvia (Love is Strange, 1965) and Los Monstruos (Hey Monstruo, 1966).

MASKARA - Love Conquers

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Michael WinokurA photographer, cinematographer, editor and director with roots in journalism, Winokur thinks like an artist and work like a craftsman. That means providing advertising, design and corporate clients with distinctive ideas and skillful execution.

Whether it’s real people for a healthcare or life sciences campaign, models for an editorial spread, actors on a film set or wild animals for a museum, Winokur looks to express individual identity as well as capture our common humanity.

An award-winning photographer, cinematographer and director focused on stories and character, Winokur developed a documentarian’s eye while working as a photojournalist for national newspapers. Telling stories through direct, compelling and beautiful images remains a common thread and driving purpose.

Winokur’s base is The Foundry Studio, a warm, flexible 2000 sq. ft. workspace in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District stocked with tools from vintage 4x5 cameras and antique lenses to a Dragon from Red Digital Cinema.

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