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Life on Pause
A personal project documenting life in quarantine. The new normal.

Kevin Steele by Kevin Steele on Jan. 20, 2021

The world has shifted to a new normal. Each day brings difficult news of the seriousness ahead. These are unprecedented times. You may know me as a commercial advertising photographer, life full of color and emotion. This brings me back to my roots documenting life. These days bring us together no matter how we are physically apart. Shot with one camera & one lens, photographs are being added daily. I am being extremely safe: mask, gloves, Clorox wipes and distance. Shooting from outside in.

Shot through the front door, being safe, into the space of self-isolation revealing life apart and together.

This is Gilli .

Current Casting Talent: Gilli Messer

"It’s been very isolating but at the same time I’ve felt closer to a lot of people who I’ve gotten the chance to keep in touch with throughout this. It’s very scary obviously but there have been moments of peace which is ironic.

We always talk about living in the moment but this actually has forced us to: we do not know what’s coming next. With new information coming out every day it seems like there is always something good or bad, mainly bad!

So I’m trying to not be scared of that. To be free from that has been my biggest challenge and obstacle but at the same time it’s what has kept me going."

This is Larry.

Current Casting Talent: Larry Tazuma

This was one of the first days of the pandemic. We shot for five minutes before he hopped into his car to head to another state.

This is Shannon.

Current Casting Talent: Shannon Farnon

“I have many emotions during this period of time. We’ve all gone through them: from ‘this can’t be happening’ to ‘oh my god this is happening’ to ‘oh my god how long will this last’.

But I have been thinking in a bigger picture lately. I have great expectations for this to be a cataclysmic time in our history where the convergence of all of these energies are happening.

Right in the eye of this storm there’s going to be a quiet and then there will be a complete planetary consciousness raising for everyone. And we will again recognize that we are all one – we're all together, we don’t want borders, we don’t want walls...and we don’t want to stop hugging."

If you're in Los Angeles and wish to participate in the Life on Pause project, let me know.

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Kevin SteeleIt's all about feeling: Creating an emotional connection in images that range from quiet and still to explosively dynamic. Kevin love's shooting people with a zest for life – working fast and light or crewing up as needed for both stills and motion production with a great team. Every assignment is an opportunity to create something extraordinary....and have a lot of fun. Authentic, emotional, time-slowing, cinematic imagery is how Kevin sees the world for recent clients ranging from American Express, Four Seasons, Delta Airlines, and Norwegian Cruise Lines to travel/tourism and healthcare campaigns.

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