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He may not have any visible rings, but he sure has some visible rolls.

Randal Ford by Randal Ford on Dec. 14, 2020

Much like how the Saturnal bands of ice and gas set one planet apart from the rest, so too do a hound’s folds. They are also known for having a unique and, often times, strong odor. While some might dismiss this as being a simple case of bad hygiene, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Hounds have exceptionally oily skin, which, in turn, repels dirt and other airborne items. Dirt typically acts as an odor mask, so in breeds where it’s presence is limited, the dog’s natural odor becomes more apparent. Bloodhounds were and still are used for tracking purposes-- one thought behind their extra oily skin is that, because they often worked in packs, the need for knowing each other’s whereabouts was made easier due to them being, well, a little smelly.

Photo and excerpt from my book entitled Good Dog, published by Rizzoli.

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Randal FordRandal Ford’s works have appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, Texas Monthly, and Communication Arts, the advertising industry’s most prestigious publication. In 2018, his works were published in the widely acclaimed book, Animal Kingdom: A Collection of Portraits which included over 150 portraits of wild animals in studio. His work has received numerous accolades including Best of Show in the International Photo Awards. In 2020, his work was featured in a 12-page article in Communication Arts. He has been commissioned to create works for global brands such as Anheuser Busch, AstraZeneca, Comcast, Frito Lay, Pepsi, Pfizer, Novartis, & Verizon. Ford is based in Austin, TX and typically shoots in NY or LA.

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