Photographers Who Inspire: Joe Capra – Pano LA

Christopher Armstrong Posted by Christopher Armstrong on Oct. 29, 2016

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Los Angeles. I was raised here from the age of two and managed to get out on more than a few occasions. But somehow, I always seem to get pulled back in. I’ve worked in film and television, I’ve worked with seemingly every major advertising agency, and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some truly iconic photographers based here. All of that being said, I still find the urge to escape and find something different. Lately, it’s been a lot of time spent in London — this has definitely helped ease the never ending wanderlust, but somehow, I can almost guarantee that I’ll get sucked back into the chaotic vortex that is the City of Angels.

Watching Pano LA, an epic six-minute timelapse video of Los Angeles by photographer Joe Capra of makes me happy to see the city looking so alive and well. It almost makes me miss being home — almost.

A little background info on the project from Joe Capra:

“Shooting Pano LA has been the most ambitious, challenging, demanding, and rewarding project I have worked on to date. It was shot over a period of two years entirely in true panoramic form using two synced DSLR cameras side by side. The resulting panoramic timelapse footage comes in at a whopping 10K x 4K resolution when stitched. I did not shoot this film to achieve the extreme resolution. I shot it for the panoramic look, especially the compressed look you get when using long lenses.

Shooting panoramic timelapse was something I had always wanted to do. I love panoramic images and wanted to bring that look to timelapse, and I wanted to do it proper, not by faking it by just cropping the top and bottom of regular timelapse shots. I gave it a try many years ago but was never able to get the images from the two cameras to sync properly and get the images to stitched together correctly.

A couple years ago I was contacted by a client wanting some panoramic timelapse shots of LA. I told them I had tried it in the past and it did not work out to well, but that I am willing to give it another try. So I purchased some new gear and set out to my local testing locations in Malibu. The initial shots were successful so I continued shooting / testing for the next couple weeks. At that point I had acquired a few good test shots to show the client and sent them over to them. Long story short I never heard back from them about the project, but I kept shooting anyways. If it was not for that failed job/project I probably would have never got around to giving panoramic timelapse another try.”

Joe has some other interesting timelapse and photography projects as well — we’ll be sure to get him on here for a Q&A session soon. In the meantime, have a look at this behind the scenes video from the making of Pano LA. It’s wonderful to see this level of detail put into documenting a project.

More About Joe Capra

Joe CapraJoe is a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in ultra high definition (4K – 10K) time-lapse photography, still photography, cinematography, and editing. He is available for custom shoots, feature films, short films, commercials, both nationally and internationally. His footage is also available for licensing. His work has been featured by Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Panasonic, Wired, Washington Post, Huffington post, and many more. He is also the proud recipient of the X Prize Foundation’s award for Exploration.

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