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I'm Fine
A personal project by Randal Ford

Marianne Campbell by Marianne Campbell on April 21, 2020

As we near weeks or more of social distance and quarantine, the emotional weight of this global pandemic has begun to set in. We are navigating a sea of unfamiliar circumstances, as well as the unwavering fears that come with them. Whether facing illness, financial turbulence or the loneliness of isolation, the act of putting on a brave face is becoming more and more difficult to do.

Randal Ford’s “I’m Fine” series is a beautifully poignant collection of powerful portraits, centered around an understanding that each and every one of us carries more beneath our emotional surface than we may reveal. With his honest eye and the help of special effects makeup artist Jenai Chin, Randal created a body of work that resonates deeply with the viewer. And if it feels as though the words were meant for the model, it’s because they were. In the interest of authenticity, each person was given the opportunity to choose a word that described a portion of their unseen self. The result is an incredibly personal, raw and deeply relatable image. Their vulnerability is what makes them most beautiful.

It is ok to not be fine in this time. It is ok to let people know that you are not fine. My hope is that, though this time is filled with much loss, we can walk away from it having gained much as well. Namely, the desire and ability to connect more deeply with one another. May we cultivate a braveness within our vulnerability and a willingness to share it with our trusted ones.

I will go first. Today, I am unsettled.

*A Note From Randal: I created this important series not knowing exactly where or how it could be put to use. I would love to collaborate with a mental health and/or non-profit organization, to reach a broader audience and utilize these portraits to encourage and facilitate compassionate connections.

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