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Celebrating the Heritage and Tradition of the Chilean Huasos

Bax + Towner by Bax + Towner on May 23, 2019

If you're familiar with the Gauchos of Patagonia, you may know that cowboy heritage is a rich and vibrant part of South American culture. Derived from the same etymology, Chilean Huasos share many of the same cultural roots.

While on a commercial assignment in Chile this spring we learned that the national rodeo circuit would be passing through town. Each year, Huasos from all over the country compete in a variety of events, showcasing their masterful horseriding skills to earn a spot in the finals.

With the help of our trusty fixer Juanjo @butcheson, we were greeted with warmth and generosity.

The generational heritage and tradition on display was a special thing to witness. Dressed in traditional garb (specific to each family much like Scottish tartans) fathers rode with sons and daughters, passing their skills and passion to the next generation of Huasos.

Though this was a competition, the atmosphere of camaraderie and national pride permeated the scene. Our cameras were met with enthusiastic smiles, each person visibly proud to be riding for their family.

Keeping the heritage alive. Wisdom meets youth.

We live for the adventure of traveling to other countries for work. The effort is all the more rewarding when we're invited to share in authentic cultural experiences such as this.

In the end, it's not the places, but the people that make traveling the world special.

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