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Headless in Vegas
Abandoned lots of failed dreams...

Todd Antony by Todd Antony on Sept. 26, 2020

Proliferating the Sunset Strip in Las Vegas are groups of people dressed up as movie characters, working on a photos for tips basis. For some it’s a full time job, others are homeless or illegal immigrants. Up close the costumes are threadbare and worn, held together with gaffer tape in places. It all works as a metaphor for Vegas itself, a veneer of glitz and glamour in the hotels and casinos, but walk just a block back from the strip and you’re confronted by abandoned lots of failed dreams.

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Todd AntonyBorn in New Zealand, Antony travels across the world to capture people and communities who live extraordinary lives.

Alongside his work shooting for top advertising clients including Sony, Shell, Lucozade, Virgin, O2, and the BBC, Antony creates personal projects which capture exuberant characters from diverse contexts and far-flung locations.

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