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Freemasonry in America
What goes on in the meetings is not revealed to the uninitiated.

Mark Peterman by Mark Peterman on June 21, 2020

This series is a look into the world of Freemasonry in America. A certain mystery surrounds Freemasonry, which is often thought of as a secret society.

Freemasonry is a fraternal brotherhood consisting of people who share the same values. While it's not a religion, members share a belief in God. For members, it is a metaphoric journey of understanding and self-improvement, about removing the darkness to let in the light. The mystery of Freemasonry as a secret society grew based on the secrecy of its members. What goes on in the meetings is not revealed to the uninitiated.

Masonic temples continue to have a significant but quiet presence in small towns and large cities throughout the United States. While the exteriors of Masonic temples seem fairly ordinary, fitting in with their surroundings, the meeting rooms inside are pretty striking in contrast. These spaces contain an ornate beauty and are decorated with symbols and objects drawn from masonic tradition & biblical history. These references carry over to the uniforms and costumes worn by members during meetings.

Over the past decade, I have visited numerous Masonic buildings across the United States. This project is a look past the ordinary exterior of the temples and into the ornate meeting spaces.

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