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Founding Fathers
The argument is absurd. So we made absurdist images.

We grew up in a small towns/rural areas where guns were a simple fact of life to some extent. Neither of us have had much of an opinion on guns , nor have we needed anyone to justify their gun ownership (or their opposition to it) to us.

That being said, there always seems to be a vocal group of jackasses who love to cite the 2nd amendment & distort its meaning to justify their keeping of assault-style and/or automatic weapons for hunting purposes.

We made these images as a commentary on that argument. That argument is absurd. So we made absurdist images.

Shot in our studio over the course of a couple days. The guns are a mix of real & prop, the foreground is practical with dirt mats, trees, and other practical landscape elements from Jackson Shrub. The background is a plate shot in Ohio. The animals are taxidermy from Bischoff's Taxidermy & Animal FX. Wardrobe sourced from Western Costume.

When we attempted to advertise one of the images on Instagram, we were denied. The technocratic bots at Facebook believe the image are too political. We don’t agree.

Retouching by Jeff Whitlock

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