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Fire and Iron - Auxier Creek Forge

Paul Elledge by Paul Elledge on Nov. 14, 2020

This is one of my many projects that I have created under the pandemic lock down. Auxier Creek Forge is near my home in Southern Illinois, and is a perfect location to work in during Covid-19. The nature of blacksmithing requires a location that has lots of natural light and an airy space with a good breeze. The idea of staying 6 feet back makes total sense just due to safety around all of the hot items!

I was fortunate to be invited into the space by Beth and John Lovin, the creators at the forge. In addition to the blacksmith work space they have a wonderful shop full of all sorts of handmade and useful gifts made by John, Beth and a few other local artists. I shot this series without a crew by using natural light and being very aware of the measures of safety.

Speaking of safety, I want to announce to my clients that my producer Leasha Overturf has completed the Covid-19 Infection Control Production Course certifying a solid understanding of current OSHA & CDC guidelines. Leasha will continue to be a huge asset to production as we navigate our future productions during this pandemic time period.

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