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A personal project turned editorial.

Todd Wright by Todd Wright on June 15, 2019

I believe that personal projects are the lifeblood of any long and healthy photo career. Creativity, passion and determination are the kindling that sparks a successful photo career, but success in itself can start to extinguish the passion that started it all.

What once was a singular pursuit, turns into a blur of opinions, styles, rules, and tons of red tape. It’s easy to get bogged down in the “business” of photography. So, what’s the answer? Go back to where it all started. Most of us picked up a camera because it felt like a natural way to express ourselves artistically.

I’m constantly in pursuit of my next personal project. Always on the hunt to make pictures that in some way (big or small) speak to why I started down this road in the first place.

This falcon story is a personal project turned editorial. I had seen falcon projects before, but I felt like I had a unique way to tell this story. So I did what every good researcher does, I googled “Falconry Virginia”.

After contacting the owner of the falconry and seeing that she was open to having me shoot, I also pitched the story to a magazine I work with. Either way, I was going to make these pictures, but it was a bonus that a client would also be interested in publishing the project.

In addition, one of the images won in the 2019 Communication Arts Photo Annual editorial category. Even if this story was never published or publicly recognized it would have still been a return trip to why I started making pictures in the beginning.....simply for the joy of it.

More About Todd Wright

Todd WrightAlways a wanderer and a dreamer, Todd moved from one job to another. From Line cook, Hot Dog cart vendor, Bar back to Tugboat deckhand. There are honestly too many others to even mention, but then one day, he was given a camera by his boss at the Tugboat company and everything changed. The wandering now had a purpose and the dreaming became his greatest asset.

Todd is now an advertising and editorial photographer living in Richmond, Virginia. He’s collaborated with some of advertisings’ most highly regarded agencies and creatives on work that has been featured in Communication Arts, Graphis and PDN.

And most importantly.......he’s still wandering and dreaming.

More About Todd Wright