Face Project (Part 3)
Celebrating the diversity of the human face.

Steve Korn Posted by Steve Korn on March 8, 2020

Continuing my look at stereotypes and assumptions, my Face Project looks at women on this International Women’s Day.

Scientists, artists, builders, leaders, mothers, soldiers, executives, teachers, politicians, problem solvers, thinkers, listeners, supporters, players…on International Women’s day, this might seem like a list designed to reflect the evolving role of women in the 21st century. However, women have been doing these jobs throughout history, often in the shadow of their male counterparts and rarely on equal footing.

Every person is a unique opportunity and perspective regardless of gender. Challenge stereotypes and gender bias. Create opportunities, open doors, embrace alternative voices and viewpoints.

This year’s theme is: An Equal World is an Enabled World

Let's all be #EachforEqual.

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Steve KornI feel fortunate spending my days creating things, seeing ideas realized and collaborating with interesting people. In the most fundamental way, I love to experiment with line and color. In a broader sense I like to explore how we express culture, what makes us different and alike. I think there is something interesting about people who practice a discipline. The internal drive that gets them out of bed everyday to face what seems like a constant uphill journey, challengeing themselves to reach their next level. It amazes me to see people achieve things they did not think possible, or better yet things no one else thought were possible.

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