Face Project (Part 2)
Celebrating the diversity of the human face.

Steve Korn Posted by Steve Korn on Feb. 13, 2020

I’ve always loved the storytelling power of a single image. Questioning the moments just before and after the shutter was released, creates a narrative. Where is this person going?…where have they been? The imagination is engaged and a story is implied. In its simplest form a dancer or athlete leaping through the air conjures the moments of leaving the ground and landing, even though neither are seen in the image.

The challenge I sought was the creation of a static image with a sense of storytelling or narrative. An image devoid of context and expression might engage the imagination, who is this person? how old are they? what do they do? Are they kind, quiet...angry? And, why do I think that? A narrative of who the person is leading to the moment the photo was taken and who they might be from that moment forward is created.

These narratives, good and bad, are based on personal experience, social cues and stereotypes. When applied to an unfamiliar face, they are ultimately meaningless and more is revealed about the viewer than the subject of the photo.

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Steve KornI feel fortunate spending my days creating things, seeing ideas realized and collaborating with interesting people. In the most fundamental way, I love to experiment with line and color. In a broader sense I like to explore how we express culture, what makes us different and alike. I think there is something interesting about people who practice a discipline. The internal drive that gets them out of bed everyday to face what seems like a constant uphill journey, challengeing themselves to reach their next level. It amazes me to see people achieve things they did not think possible, or better yet things no one else thought were possible.

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