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Eye of the Beholder
Based on the Twilight Zone (Eye of the Beholder) - Season 2, Episode 6

Suspended in time and submitted for your approval. After waking up and piecing the previous evening together, this quartet of lifelong friends enjoys a fun filled winter day at the beach. Unaware the world around them has changed. Unaware their appearances will no longer be considered normal. For who’s perception of beauty is in the eye of the beholder or is it in the eye of society in a place we call, The Twilight Zone.

Retouching by Jeff Whitlock   |   SFX Make up by Kevin Haney

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More About Kremer / Johnson

Kremer / JohnsonCharacter-based portraits and narrative-driven scenes are our thing. Sometimes quirky, sometimes serious, occasionally scripted, and often just REAL - we specialize in capturing authentic moments in even the most manufactured of settings.

Large & complex productions are where we thrive, though we enjoy kicking back in simpler settings as well.

True collaborators at heart, we formed Kremer/Johnson to explore our combined creative vision. We share in all duties from ideation & pre-production through shooting & post. Together we create images for editorial, corporate, and advertising clients nationwide.

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