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This is What Happens When a Still Life Photographer Shoots Cars

We have some absolutely amazing automotive photographers on PhotoPolitic — in fact, all of them are what I would consider best-in-class shooters. Some work in the studio, others spend most of their time on location and their work is nothing short of spectacular like you'd expect. Every once in a while, an outsider comes along and shakes things up with something completely unexpected and absolutely beautiful.

I came across the work of London based still life photographer David Marquez through his UK agent James Hancock of Hancock & Handsome and was immediately impressed with the cleanliness and freshness of his style. It wasn't until I was going through his portfolio and found these car images that I was taken back as it's not what I'm used to seeing in terms of car imagery. Abstract, vibrant color, contrast, and a graphic sensibility that makes them border on fine art. I do hope to see more from David in this series. I'd also love to see what other categories he can lend this sensibility to.

© David Marquez

© David Marquez

© David Marquez

More About David Marquez

David MarquezDavid Marquez is a still life and product photographer with a unique style. His graphic, sculptural look, use of colour and framing, and imaginative set-ups deliver smart, stylish and impactful product shots.

David brings big-brand experience and kudos to all his shoots. His relentless pursuit of perfection and keen eye for detail combine to produce incredible results every time.

As you’d expect for a man who spends his downtime racing motorbikes, David is a picture of grace under pressure.

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