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Creative Vision During COVID

Jason Lindsey by Jason Lindsey on Nov. 10, 2020

From the beginning of COVID, I knew we had to focus on safety and creativity and have put a lot of time and effort into making that a reality. Pre-production is more crucial than ever to achieve the creative vision. We have many more discussions about the vision with the creative team in the early stages. We discuss the concept, how to shoot it with COVID restrictions, problem-solve solutions, whether we can achieve it with a smaller crew, who from the agency and client will be on set, how we will stream, how the communication will work over a live stream. We talk about how virtual wardrobe reviews will work. I ask the tough questions about the challenges they have faced on previous shoots, what the main concerns will be from the end client. For example, some clients focus a lot on wardrobe and others on casting or the hair and makeup. By knowing the answers to these questions, we can better prepare solutions and talk through our plans. We also focus extensively on safety in pre-pro. All of this pre-production allows us to focus on the Creative Vision on set because we have nailed the pre-pro, we have address safety, and we know precisely how the remote streaming will work and how we will all be communicating!

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Jason LindseyI grew up surrounded by people best described as “salt of the earth.” As a kid in that kind of environment, you learn pretty quickly to be creative and resourceful. Simply put, I will do whatever it takes to get the shot, because I do not know another way. Authenticity is part of who I am at the core. I consider myself a story-teller and use my experience to create honest stories documenting real moments and true emotions. I love shooting in water up to my neck, swimming with sharks, and laying in the mud; but I also clean up pretty nice when I'm shooting in homes and offices! I'm up for anything with an amazing team of people working by my side. There is no better way to live! I am honored to have been selected by Archive Magazine as one of the 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide for 2018/2019 and 2020/2021.

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