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Shooting with COVID Safety and Creativity in Mind
Our experiences during COVID

Jason Lindsey by Jason Lindsey on Oct. 8, 2020

Over the next few weeks between shoots, I will post about some of our experiences during COVID. I am starting with an overview post with images from several of the shoots. I will be talking about safety, travel, staying true to the creative vision, streaming, and a few other topics. I would love people to post questions about any of those topics or about anything you see in these photos. I want this to be a conversation and learning experience for all of us, so please add your experiences and things you have learned as well. I am looking forward to the conversation!

For some reason, the cows would not follow our social distancing guidelines.

One of our fearless COVID safety Officers.

I have been traveling in and staying in my camper van for many of my shoots. It works great to keep things safer when traveling.

Social distancing on set can be tough especially for crews that are like family. We are all working hard at it though.

One of our COVID safety officers handing out our morning health check forms.

For this shoot, we had multiple talent on set including shots for international markets with different talent on the same set. Our sanitation team would sanitize the set and props whenever we changed talent.

For this shoot in New York, we had tested 2 internet connections on our scout day for streaming. On our shoot day, both the Ethernet and WiFi connection went down so we used out Bonded Celular network with a MiMo antenna to stream to our remote clients. Always have a backup plan!

Signs are Everywhere!

One of our Safety Health Check stations before everyone arrived. We have everyone fill out health check-in sheets, get temps taken, etc.

One of the many changes on set is the addition of portable handwashing stations.

We work in many remote locations and have developed great protocols and systems for streaming from these types of locations. It takes more specialized gear, experience, processes, planning, testing, and backups. I spent many weeks perfection this system with others during the beginning of the COVID shutdown because I knew it would be essential when we started shooting again.

Most of our shoots our Hybrid capture both still and motion. We have found this to work just fine under COVID safety guidelines.

For more onset safety we have multiple monitors for the Creative Team, Client, and crew including a large monitor and multiple Ipads all streamed wirelessly. This helps with social distancing for everyone. We can stream to 10 Ipads, computers, or IOS devices on set at once as well as to clients remotely.

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Jason LindseyI grew up surrounded by people best described as “salt of the earth.” As a kid in that kind of environment, you learn pretty quickly to be creative and resourceful. Simply put, I will do whatever it takes to get the shot, because I do not know another way. Authenticity is part of who I am at the core. I consider myself a story-teller and use my experience to create honest stories documenting real moments and true emotions. I love shooting in water up to my neck, swimming with sharks, and laying in the mud; but I also clean up pretty nice when I'm shooting in homes and offices! I'm up for anything with an amazing team of people working by my side. There is no better way to live! I am honored to have been selected by Archive Magazine as one of the 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide for 2018/2019 and 2020/2021.

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