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Bob Stevens by Bob Stevens on Jan. 25, 2019

Once upon a time and long ago, I roamed the streets looking for photographs. Carrying my trusty Nikon (film camera of course), I would shoot and shoot and after processing and creating ‘proof sheets’, sit with my grease pencil (always red) and mark those frames I deemed worthy of printing. Occasionally I would suggest a crop but more often than not, in the spirit Henri Cartier Bresson, choose ‘full frame’.

After capturing this image today, I faced a dilemma… several actually. What you see is exactly what I saw, framed just the way I saw it in the moment. The dilemma is that one could argue that the figure should be moved to the left, leaving more room on the right side of the frame to create ‘space’ for the direction in which he is looking… but then, I would be reducing the length of the scratched word on the left. There could be a case made, for the fact that his head is too low in the frame… but then, we would miss the graffiti at the top. I love the way the color of the metal grate is so much warmer where the late sunlight hits it, and where the subject’s shadow obscures that rich tone and the ‘real’ color is accurately rendered. Full Frame. Nothing more, nothing less. I wanted to create today’s contribution earlier in the day, and schedules did not permit. 

As Bruce Lee said:

“To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities!”. Magic happens when I show up. Time is a concept not a reality."

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Bob StevensBob is a visual storyteller, a photographer and a director. He believes in the ratio of two ears to one mouth, and feels they should be used in that proportion. Bob is a listener, passionate collaborator and team player, gathering the best possible crew and contributors. He tailors his process to the specific assignment presented, and is fastidious in his approach to pre-production. Bob has shot in the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, South America and Mexico, and has been honored with many awards here and abroad. His clients have included Mercedes Benz, Acura, BMW, Intel, Frito Lay, Allstate Insurance, Wells Fargo and the US Navy to name a few. Bob is also skillful when operating within the current paradigm of creating content for digital, social media and 360 campaigns including video. Bob’s attitude about what he loves to do, is best summed up in his own words: “Let’s create something great together!”.

More About Bob Stevens