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Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
A pro bono project in collaboration with MARC USA

Andy Goodwin by Andy Goodwin on May 7, 2019

This award winning series is from a pro bono project I shot with MARC USA and the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. The clever and heartwarming idea uses Chicago's highly popular 4-star flag, and well known Chicago locations, to show the huge discrepancy between the affluent and our homeless brothers and sisters living on the streets. We of course got permission from everyone and compensated all of the participants. I realize that this is a drop in the bucket when it comes to this huge issue but hopefully our effort raised some awareness with the billboards and ads that CCH took out.

The campaign has been featured in Lurzer's Archive and will soon be on display at The Poster Museum/NYC, where we hope it will continue to get people's attention.

Please consider making a donation to the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

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