Celebrating Juneteenth
Joy, love, and the freedom to express yourself

Demetrius Philp Posted by Demetrius Philp on June 23, 2020

Juneteenth a day to come together as a black race, culture. June 19th, 2020, I attended the most beautiful gathering I could only express in visual content. It was inside the Fillmore District in San Francisco, the African American Art & Culture Complex. As you arrived on the block, you felt joy, love, and the freedom to express yourself. It was a dope day to be among my black brothers and sisters, to have a conversation, listen as each one spoke about the piece they were creating. This allowed me to create some brilliant and iconic portraits of a few selected persons as I documented the talented artists doing what they do best.

The event started with repainting the “Black Lives Matter” street mural on Fulton Street, which leads directly to City Hall — which you can see from a distance. It was my first time being present at this beautiful piece. It felt unreal, good all at the same time. I kept saying to myself damn, what a brilliant and artistic statement it is to be amongst — the moment in a lifetime that will be embraced, shared for years to come. Photography not only allows a moment in time to be recorded and shared, and talked about, yet in the images, I believe I’ve done just that. I was present, and I documented so that our stories continue to be covered. Those of you who don’t know me, my name is Demetrius, I go by the name of portraitsbydp.

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Demetrius PhilpDemetrius is a native Jamaican, a Brooks Institute Alumni. Currently working in LA, SF, & NYC. What's important to him are the images he creates and the connection with the people he meets!

He has the hardest time differentiating between his personal work and assignment work. Whether he's doing an ad campaign, a look book, an editorial shoot, or fine art project. What he shoots is personal. His favorite job is always my next job because there’s nothing he enjoys more than making images (aside from his family).

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