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A Day in the Life of Buehrle
A seemingly oblivious young lad in search of adventure

Andy Goodwin by Andy Goodwin on May 30, 2019

Buehrle was given his name by his dad who is a huge fan of the White Sox and pitcher Mark Buehrle. I met him after a very brief casting where I was searching for a boy for my red peddle car series. He was the first and last kid I interviewed because he had the perfect look and attitude that I was going after — a seemingly oblivious young lad in search of adventure. His parents were totally on board as well and of course came along for all of the shoots to make sure I didn’t put him in harms way.

Only two images from this series were helped along in Photoshop while all of the others were shot on location, including the snow plow shot and picture of him on Lake Shore Drive surrounded by cars.

I’d like to have gotten another year shooting these fun pics but kids grow up fast and he just didn’t fit in the car anymore.

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