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BTS Showcase: Patrick Curtet

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) stories are the ultimate exercise in self-promotion. They challenge a photographer to take their skills they use on a daily basis making other people's products and services look great and apply it to themselves.

Every week, we'll showcase one of our member's BTS stories. These stories might showcase the attention to detail that a photographer gives to their client or a tool to convey their own personality and confidence — both of these traits are a must when dealing with agencies and clients. The stories can also show the vast amount of time and preparation that go into producing a large shoot.

This week's BTS showcase: Patrick Curtet

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More About Patrick Curtet

Patrick CurtetPatrick Curtet is a photographer with a long history of digital photography whose skills go well beyond ‘beautiful pictures’ taken with technical mastery. His style has developed through a very personal and artistic process. His pictures are instantly recognisable from their mood without having to read his signature.

Patrick has been shooting professionally for over 20 years and after concentrating on sports and reportage photography, where he travelled to more than 60 different countries, he shifted his attention to automotive and lifestyle work. He is really keen on proper technique and has expertise in controlling the lighting, effects and/or other elements. He works to have these elements hidden and out of sight… as if they’re not even there.

Patrick likes to create high-end visuals around cars, lifestyle and fashion with his highly recognisable, cinematographic style. For each client or series, he seeks to tell a story.

More About Patrick Curtet