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BTS Showcase: Michael Grecco

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) stories are the ultimate exercise in self-promotion. They challenge a photographer to take their skills they use on a daily basis making other people's products and services look great and apply it to themselves.

Every week, we'll showcase one of our member's BTS stories. These stories might showcase the attention to detail that a photographer gives to their client or a tool to convey their own personality and confidence — both of these traits are a must when dealing with agencies and clients. The stories can also show the vast amount of time and preparation that go into producing a large shoot.

This week's BTS showcase: Michael Grecco

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More About Michael Grecco

Michael GreccoThough my work as a professional photographer has won its share of awards, it's not the accolades I'm after. It's the impact – on a society, on a community, on a career, on a person. I love the field of professional photography. I love the way we see things, what we capture and the impact a photograph can have on culture, to a generation, to a point of time in history.

I have no reason to hoard trade secrets. I love sharing knowledge and positive energy. I enjoy fostering the pursuit of creative excellence in fellow photographers. I love the commercial photography industry.

More About Michael Grecco