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BTS Showcase: Mauricio Candela

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) stories are the ultimate exercise in self-promotion. They challenge a photographer to take their skills they use on a daily basis making other people's products and services look great and apply it to themselves.

BTS stories might showcase the attention to detail that a photographer gives to their client or a tool to convey their own personality and confidence — both of these traits are a must when dealing with agencies and clients. The stories can also show the vast amount of time and preparation that go into producing a large shoot.

This week's BTS showcase: Mauricio Candela

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More About Mauricio Candela

Mauricio CandelaMauricio Candela’s passion for photography started in advertising as an art director. Throughout his career he had the opportunity to work with top-notch directors and photographers that crafted and inspired him. At the same time, he started honing his skills and applying his creative knowledge to this discipline. He learned to live off his ideas, and one day he realized that the best idea was to live off the vision that he has behind the lens.

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