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BTS Showcase: Marianne Campbell

Most of our BTS Showcase stories have revolved around our photographers but I recently came across this gem from Marianne Campbell, an extraordinary agent in San Francisco. As a former agent myself, I love seeing this rare glimpse into the day to day activities and attention to detail that a hard working agent like Marianne brings to the table. While this particular video is more than a few years old, Marianne does continually document her "MCA Roadshows" and will be continuing the adventure in Minneapolis in September.

This week's BTS showcase: Marianne Campbell

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More About Marianne Campbell

Marianne CampbellOur purpose is to create unmatched opportunities for talented and diversely rich thinkers. We are a collaborative force of visionaries, artists, business minds and relationship builders who have an insatiable appetite for solving problems and providing captivating work. We, like you, strive to find answers beneath the surface. These are the founding principles of Marianne Campbell Associates.

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