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BTS Showcase: George Kamper

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) stories are the ultimate exercise in self-promotion. They challenge a photographer to take their skills they use on a daily basis making other people's products and services look great and apply it to themselves.

Every week, we'll showcase one of our member's BTS stories. These stories might showcase the attention to detail that a photographer gives to their client or a tool to convey their own personality and confidence — both of these traits are a must when dealing with agencies and clients. The stories can also show the vast amount of time and preparation that go into producing a large shoot.

This week's BTS showcase: George Kamper

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More About George Kamper

George KamperGeorge’s quest for beautiful imagery allows him to create in a wide range of disciplines. Inspired by diversity and gifted with the ability to bring his vision and experiences into focus, he excels at perceiving and extracting answers visually, while satisfying a myriad of clients. George takes on every project with a fresh perspective, deep curiosity and willingness to test and explore. He enjoys delighting clients with his solutions and enjoys a multidisciplinary career.

More About George Kamper